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Investment Resources for Commonwealth Shareholders

Commonwealth Funds makes it easy to access investment resources and update your investment account. In addition, take advantage of our investment tools in the form of fund reports and investment holdings to review the performance of your accounts. If you have questions, contact Shareholder Services at 888.354.1898.

Please select from the following options to initiate actions regarding your existing account.

There are two streamlined processes you can take to add money to your existing account.

Complete and mail us the Fund Deposit Form with a check for the deposit amount.
Mail form and check to:
Commonwealth International Series Trust
P.O. Box 46707
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246-0707

Complete a one-time ACH money transfer. If you need ACH instructions or want assistance with your money transfer call us at 888.345.1898.

Click here to set up an automatic ACG money transfer.

To buy or sell shares, please log in to the shareholder portal or contact Shareholder Services at 888.345.1898.

To change your current transfer plan, please fill out the plan form or contact Shareholder Services at 888.345.1898.

To request to distribute your IRA, please fill out the request form or contact Shareholder Services at 888.345.1898.

The purpose of choosing a beneficiary for an IRA is to designate who the funds will be distributed to upon the account holder’s death. Multiple beneficiaries and the percentage of their share can be chosen when completing the form.