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Australia/New Zealand

Ticker: CNZLX
Inception Date: 11/25/1991

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Mutual Fund Overview: Invest in Australia/New Zealand Fund

Situated ‘ down under’, the neighboring countries utilize their strong characteristics to drive their separate economies. Their exports consistently provide for the needs of over half of the world’s population located in the Pacific Rim.

Investors may be familiar with the popularity of these countries as tourist destinations and for their emerging wine market. Australia has many additional exports, including metals, minerals, fossil fuels, and agricultural derivatives. Their technological growth opens unparalleled opportunities for the Australian economy. As new technology is designed and adopted, Australia is also developing advanced financial and service sector capabilities.

Primarily focused on producing agricultural products, New Zealand is a key provider of goods to the southern Pacific Rim. In addition, the country has specialty manufacturing and service sectors. Over the past decade, healthcare, education, technology, and tourism have grown significantly.

In addition to the economic attributes, Australia and New Zealand both have strong democratic governments, established rule of law, and transparent economies, making them prime countries for foreign investments.

Both governing bodies:

  • • Provide support for local investments;
  • • Encourage public ownership; and
  • • Afford business friendly platforms;
  • • Display historically strong national finances.

Through relationships with business and government leaders, the investment managers of the Australia/New Zealand Fund seek to learn more about each country’s economy to enable decisions about investing in companies, so you have opportunities to bring it home.

Investment Objective

The Fund’s investment objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation and current income. It invests primarily in equity and debt securities of Australia and New Zealand issuers.

By learning the nation, knowing the people, identifying the needs, and determining who the companies are that are involved in providing the needed products, goods, and solutions, the Australia/New Zealand Fund tries to remain in the pathway of progress.

Fund Performance

Review the Australia/New Zealand Fund daily, monthly, and quarterly pricing and performance.

Fund Investment Holdings

Holdings as of 3/31/24

Infratil Ltd.11.5%
South Port New Zealand11.5%
Mainfreight Ltd.7.0%
Freightways Ltd4.6%
Sonic Healthcare Ltd4.3%
Briscoe Group Ltd4.2%
Csl Ltd4.0%
Brambles Ltd4.0%
Skellerup Holdings Ltd3.4%
Origin Energy Ltd3.3%
Telstra Group Ltd3.2%
Cochlear Ltd3.2%
Qube Holdings Ltd2.9%
Webjet Ltd2.8%
Millennium & Copthorne2.6%
Feder-Gt Obl-I 7 MM Fund2.2%
Apa Group1.9%
Cleanaway Waste Mgmt1.8%
Marsden Maritime Holdings1.7%
Ikegps Group Ltd1.7%
Qbe Insurance Group Ltd1.6%
Macquarie Group Ltd1.6%
Oceania Healthcare Ltd1.5%
Port Of Tauranga Ltd1.5%
Ramsay Health Care Ltd1.2%
Sanford Limited1.2%
Transurban Group1.1%
Scentre Group1.1%
Fletcher Building Ltd1.0%
Tower Ltd1.0%
Green Cross Health Ltd0.9%
Ryman Healthcare Ltd0.8%
Delegat Group Ltd0.7%
Aft Pharmaceutical0.7%
New Zealand Dollar0.7%
Comvita Ltd0.4%
Aroa Biosurgery Ltd.0.4%
Pacific Edge Ltd0.3%
Australian Dollar0.3%

Portfolio holdings will change due to ongoing management of the Fund. Reference to specific securities or sectors should not be construed as recommendations by the Fund, the advisor, or the distributor.


Year End 2023 distributions for the Commonwealth Funds were paid on December 18, 2023 to shareholders of record as of December 14, 2023.  The Ex-Dividend and Reinvest Date was December 15, 2023.  Please see detailed distribution information below.

Ordinary Investment Income per share: $0.0282
Short-Term Capital Gain Per Share:$0.0000
Long-Term Capital Gain Per Share: $0.0000


The minimum initial investment is $200 and there is no minimum for subsequent investments.


Learn about the principal risks of investing in the Australia/New Zealand Fund, which includes market, foreign security, and geographic risk.