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Global Fund

Ticker: CNGLX
Inception Date: 12/03/2002

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Mutual Fund Overview: Invest Internationally

Prime and global emerging markets around the world have potential for investing internationally. In fact, over half of the world’s capitalization exists beyond the U.S. We believe it is strategically sound to invest in mutual funds that include domestic and global markets. Seeking exposure to these markets can provide investors with many benefits including:

• Potential for faster growth;
• Abundant choices;
• Diversified portfolios; and
• Emerging market exposure.

We strive to provide this global investment option so you can bring it home.

Investment Objective

The objective of the Global Fund is to provide long-term capital appreciation and current income. To capture both the United States and global investment exposure, the fund was created. This fund invests in both equities and debt instruments of United States and non-United States entities.

The investment management of the Global Fund seeks to understand the productive capabilities of nations as they produce products and services to not only meet their own needs, but the needs of other countries. Owning companies that produce products and services designed to meet the future needs of people is important to the management of the Fund and allows the fund to be in the pathway of progress through time.

Fund Performance

Review the Global Fund daily, monthly, and quarterly pricing and performance.

Fund Investment Holdings

Holdings as of 12/31/22

Thermo Fisher4.8%
Group 1 Automoti4.6%
Apple Inc4.1%
Chevron Corp4.1%
Norfolk Southern3.9%
Nestle-Adr (Reg)3.6%
Hdfc Bank Ltd - Adr3.6%
Nice Systems-Adr3.4%
Diageo Plc-Adr3.3%
Siemens Ag-Adr3.1%
Netapp Inc3.1%
Miller Ind Inc/Tenn3.1%
Feder-Gt Obl-I 73.1%
Procter & Gamble3.1%
Roche Hldgs-Adr3.1%
Unilever Plc-Adr3.0%
Gjensidige Forsikring2.5%
Sony Group Corp2.5%
Microsoft Corp2.3%
Skyworks Solutio2.1%
Amcor Plc2.0%
Kvh Industries2.0%
Shoprite Holdings - Adr2.0%
Caterpillar Inc1.9%
Pearson Plc1.8%
Jpmorgan Chase1.8%
Arkema Sa - Adr1.8%
Nidec Corp-Adr1.7%
Walt Disney Co1.7%
Copa Holdings Sa1.6%
Electronic Arts1.6%
America Mo-Adr L1.2%
Dentsply Sirona Inc1.0%
Taiwan Semiconductor1.0%
Bp Plc-Adr0.9%
Fedex Corp0.8%
Amazon.Com Inc0.8%
Schlumberger Ltd0.6%
Cf Industries Ho0.6%
Ryanair Holdings Plc0.5%
Haleon Plc0.4%
Natural Gas Services0.4%
Sitios Latinoamerica0.0%

Portfolio holdings will change due to ongoing management of the Fund. Reference to specific securities or sectors should not be construed as recommendations by the Fund, the advisor, or the distributor.


Record date of December 15, 2022 the Ex-Dividend/Reinvestment and Payable Date of December 16, 2022.

Ordinary Investment Income Per Share:$0.0000
Short-Term Capital Gain Per Share:$0.0000
Long-Term Capital Gain Per Share:$0.1470


The minimum initial investment is $200 and there is no minimum for subsequent investments.


Learn about the principal risks of investing in the Global Fund, which includes market, foreign security, and geographic risk.