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At Commonwealth Funds, we’re here to invest our time in providing investment news and insights to benefit fund shareholders. Our insights keep up with the growth of the emerging markets we invest in. These articles help investors grow their financial knowledge, make more informed decisions regarding their assets and investing in emerging markets, and bring it home.

Commonwealth Funds: Year End 2023 Distributions

Year End 2023 distributions for the Commonwealth Funds were paid on December 18, 2023 to shareholders of record as of December 14, 2023.  The Ex-Dividend and Reinvest Date was December 15, 2023.  Please see detailed distribution information below.   Africa Fund (CAFRX): Ordinary Investment Income per share:             $0.2312 Short-Term Capital… read more

Update on the Corporate Transparency Act

Read the article published on NASDAQ Since publishing “Unveiling Beneficial Ownership Reporting” on August 31, 2023, the authors have received significant feedback and questions from other professionals and business owners. Unless your entity comes under one of the exemptions, if you do not have more than $5 million in gross revenue and 20 full-time W-2… read more

Unveiling Beneficial Ownership Reporting

Read the article published on NASDAQ Starting in January 2024, a new federal law requires entities like Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and other similar entities that are created by a filing with the secretary of a state or foreign country, to file and continually update a Beneficial Ownership Information (“BOI”) Form with the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement… read more

Fed Interest Rate Changes Alone Will Not Get Us Back to Normal

Read the article published on NASDAQ The Federal Reserve’s main tool for reducing inflation is raising interest rates which is why they have raised rates 11 times in the last 16 months. While the growth in inflation is slowing, the prior increases are in many cases embedded in the cost of goods and services we… read more

Challenges on the Path to India’s Prosperity: Finding the Way Forward

By Sanhitha Raghuveera, Global Capital & Strategy Associate at FCA Corp, Houston, Texas I recently had the chance to visit with Patrick Santillo, a Senior Vice President at the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU) and former Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. During our conversation, Mr. Santillo reflected… read more