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At Commonwealth Funds, we’re here to invest our time in providing investment news and insights to benefit fund shareholders. Our insights keep up with the growth of the emerging markets we invest in. These articles help investors grow their financial knowledge, make more informed decisions regarding their assets and investing in emerging markets, and bring it home.

Extra Time to Invest: IRA Contribution Deadline Extended

After a globally challenging 2020, investors have received extra time this year to make their IRA contributions. Annual retirement contribution deadlines coincide with the federal income tax deadline, usually April 15, but following the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic the IRS has provided a filing extension to May 17, 2021. In addition to this extension,… read more

International Investing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Investing in international markets is a multi-dimensional effort aided by having a rather unique perspective, especially during a global health pandemic and economic crisis. For some, it may require looking past the current negative headlines, uncertainty and confusion and having a very practical lens focused on the business activity on the ground. For investors, applying… read more

Advisory Firm Business Practices in a Time of Crisis

It’s important and timely to share experiences on how financial services professionals are engaging clients during a time of crisis and confusion. Unfortunately, many advisors and firm leaders may not have had previous crisis management or communications experience and may be prone to actions or communications that rely too heavily on platitudes — not meaningful… read more

Going Global: Investing in the Time of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has roiled stock markets across the globe, as countries adjust to nationwide lockdown orders and economic uncertainty. It’s been a decidedly alarming time for investors in the United States, as the market has dipped to levels not seen since Black Monday in 1987, only to rise again with the constantly changing news.… read more