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At Commonwealth Funds, we’re here to invest our time in providing investment news and insights to benefit fund shareholders. Our insights keep up with the growth of the emerging markets we invest in. These articles help investors grow their financial knowledge, make more informed decisions regarding their assets and investing in emerging markets, and bring it home.

Africa Pushes Back on the Developed Countries Energy Solution

Through decades of direct investment, participatory business consulting, and our Africa mutual fund, our investment advisory firm FCA Corp has developed dedicated research and ongoing analysis on the African continent. There are key events in the development of the emerging African economies and their growing consumerism that we find important enough to spotlight and critique.… read more

A 2021 International Investing Review From a Business Mindset

As published on Nasdaq   Investors interact daily with ideas, services, products and companies, yet often fail to effectively link their success to investment opportunities. It can be argued that identifying investment opportunities is about much more than just numbers. It can also be about having a perspective and mindset that cultivates a sense of… read more

Latin America: Opportunity may be around the corner

Latin America, often times viewed through the lens of geopolitical instability, may have strong long term investment opportunity. Commonwealth Global Fund manager Robert Scharar of FCA Corp took a look at Latin America — here are his findings: Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico are large global economies, and each one possesses financial infrastructure and reliable investment… read more

A look at 30 years of Japanese manufacturers’ staying power

Article published by Japan Times. For more than three decades, Houston-based financial adviser Rob Scharar, a CPA and attorney, has invested in mid-cap companies in Japan, such as niche manufacturers with a limited investment following in the United States. “I’ve learned from meeting Japanese CEOs in person in cities like Fukuoka that Japan’s niche manufacturers… read more