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Opening a Joint Investment Account
with Commonwealth Funds

Everyone has savings needs requiring investment accounts that extend beyond education and retirement. Thinking about setting money aside for an emergency fund, getting a head start on saving for a home improvement project or simply need assistance opening a joint investment account with your spouse? Intended to provide personal investment options for all scenarios, joint accounts are owned by two or more adults.

Through this type of account, two or more adults can invest in an emerging market fund, the Africa Fund, or in the world through the Australia/New Zealand Fund, Japan Fund, Global Fund, and Real Estate Securities Fund. Commonwealth Funds can help you create a strategy for this investment opportunity so you can bring it home.

Rights of Survivorship

This form of a joint account allows the surviving owner rights to automatically take over the deceased owner’s share.

Tenants in Common

This type of joint account allows two or more people equal ownership. When one owner dies, his or her part of the account is left to the beneficiary.

Tenants by the Entirety

Spouses use this form of a joint account. If one spouse dies, the full title of the property goes to the surviving spouse, since each spouse has undivided interest.