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Invest today to aim for your future goals.

A Variety of Investment Options.

When it comes to investing, you have a variety of options, levels of volatility, and asset types available to you — just like you also have a spectrum of investment objectives. So why invest in international mutual funds?

Choosing to invest in different countries and regions of the world has the potential for growth and diversification.

Invest in International Emerging Market Funds

If you are considering investment in international emerging market funds, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who truly understand the big picture and subtle nuances. We believe investors can benefit from our fund managers’ long-term investment strategy and specialization in these investment solutions.

That long-term view mirrors our philosophy at Commonwealth International Series Trust Funds. Our fund investment advisor has been in business over 45 years and is dedicated to researching and identifying companies with sound fundamentals and attractive valuations. Our specialists are passionate about perusing companies producing goods and services that economies need and want, aligned with the performance goals of our funds, so we can bring it home.

Find an Account Type that’s Right for You

Whether you’re investing to save for future needs or retirement or for education or a minor, there is an account type to help you reach your financial goals.