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At Commonwealth Funds, we’re here to invest our time in providing investment news and insights to benefit fund shareholders. Our insights keep up with the growth of the emerging markets we invest in. These articles help investors grow their financial knowledge, make more informed decisions regarding their assets and investing in emerging markets, and bring it home.

Finding the Right Savings Plan for Your Children or Grandchildren

There are many ways to prepare for elementary, secondary and college expenses or other future needs for children or grandchildren. In light of the changes resulting from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it helps to understand the vehicles below and how you can incorporate them into an effective educational funding plan. Coverdell Education… read more

Applying a Business Mindset to International Investing

Bill Hortz, Founder and Dean of the Institute for Innovation Development recently caught up with Commonwealth Funds President and Portfolio Manager, Robert Scharar, to get insights into his approach to international and emerging markets investing based on his four decades of experience. Their conversation touches on the practical business knowledge as well as the emotional… read more

Taking a Closer Look at Senegal

One of the benefits of either personally visiting Africa or talking with others who have traveled there is the opportunity it affords to dispel misconceptions about this vast and remarkably diverse continent. Often missed among the media stories about political strife are the numerous success stories and advances taking place. The West African nation of… read more