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Australia/New Zealand Fund Fact Sheet (XBRL Data Files)

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We believe that the neighboring countries of Australia and New Zealand have strong independent characteristics driving their separate economies. These countries are prospering and growing likely due to the needs of their citizens being met by the production of goods and services.

Each country is graced with abundant natural resources yet each has specific attributes that in our opinion when combined offer many formidable products for exporting to the Pacific Realm countries where 50% of the world's population is domiciled.

We believe that both countries are supported by strong democratic governments who provide a business friendly platform. These central governments appear to encourage public ownership and set an example by employing historically strong national fiscal disciplines. As a result, the countries remain destinations for foreign investments.

The Australia/New Zealand Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation and current income by investing primarily in equity and debt securities of Australian or New Zealand issuers.

Australia is rich in natural resources and is a major exporter of many types of products among them being metals, minerals, fossil fuels and agricultural derivatives. As Australia embraces new technologies, it continues to also develop significant financial and service sector capabilities. The sweeping changes in technology within the Asia Pacific region should open unprecedented opportunities for the Australian economy.

New Zealand is a natural gateway to the southern Pacific Rim and an efficient producer of agricultural products. It has a market economy with sizeable manufacturing and service sectors complementing a highly efficient export-oriented agricultural sector. Energy based industries, forestry, mining, horti-culture, technology and tourism have expanded rapidly over the last decade.

The investment managers of the Australia/New Zealand Fund seek to develop relationships with business/government leaders as more is learned of the respective economies. The information gained by these transparent efforts enables decisions to be made about owning companies that produce products and services that solve problems for citizens not only of the original countries but of other countries as well.

By learning the nation, knowing the people, identifying the needs and determining who the companies are that are involved in providing the needed solutions...the Australia/New Zealand Fund seeks to remain in the pathway of progress.

Risks of Investment: Learn about the principal risks of investing in the Australia/New Zealand Fund, which includes market, foreign security and geographic risk.